1.4v Released! (9/12/2019)

1.31v Released! (6/12/2019)

1.3v Released! (5/12/2019)

1.2v Released! (4/12/2019)


[This game is designed to count your steps-- it currently runs on only Android.] 

In the near future, the earth has been severely damaged by continuous human activities. You --the first Ecomate whose spirit has the power to turn the real-world kinetic energy into Eco-energy-- are summoned in the centre of ruins to change everything.

Are you ready to save the devastated planet from environmental crisis?

List of Features:

  • Players get Eco-energy from the green habitat(s) they purified. 
  • Walk in real life, then convert the kinetic energy into eco-energy!
  • Eco-energy can be used to plant new seeds, unlock habitats, and upgrade habitats/plants.
  • Habitats allow various plants to grow.  
  • Seeds can be planted to increase the eco-energy production rate.
  • Research can be used to increase the eco-energy production rate / quest reward rate / heart production rate etc. 

Thanks for playing Ecomates! As this game is still in development, there are many bugs and more polishing / additional features coming, so please keep an eye on updates :) 

If you're keen to leave feedback / participate in QA questionnaire: 


If you have any question/suggestion, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me-- Ava @ SAE Institute, 1010215@student.sae.edu.au. See you in the further release!

Install instructions

Install Ecomates v[?].apk to your device (Android only atm).

If you have previous version installed on your device-- Please remove the older version and download the recent version.


Ecomatev1.3.apk 44 MB
Ecomatev1.4.apk 43 MB

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