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This game is a short university project for 'Keep it personal' brief. The brief has challenged me to recreate my personal experience into a game within 2 weeks. (Solo project)

  I decided to use the story about my older brother and me; as we were both mad gamers from childhood and we used to fight for the one and only computer at home all the time.

The game's objective is simple: Push your brother away from the desk.

 But of course, it won't be realistic if it was that easy. In order to push your brother away from the computer, you must first explore the house and find things that can increase your push power. (You can still try spamming space though, just don't break your finger.)

 By taking each action (or item) you will trigger certain interaction with your brother which will always result in his annoyed reaction (but he will never leave the computer on his own.).

Once you successfully push your brother away, you will get access to the computer and play a mini-game called 'Jumpy slime' , which is a simple game I made based on Doodle Jump-- (it may be differently named by the player at the intro).

[**'Option' and 'Help' in Main menu are not implemented yet.**]


Making the game's been quite fun, as I had to look back upon my childhood memory and think about how I used to annoy my brother when he didn't let me use the computer. Although the game is based on my personal experience, I hope this game can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of whether they have siblings.

Any questions, suggestions, please email me at: 1010215@student.sae.edu.au .

To those who have played this game: If you could please participate in this short survey here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfe6U4mf8tYkiiOGe91sGR0wVXHhtXouo3kePxS... it will be very appreciated & also of great help to improve in the future version of the game! Thank you!


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